We’ve moved!

This wordpress blog was great as a quick way to get up an running, but now that we’re doing this regularly, we’ve moved to our permanent home: http://therissingtonpodcast.co.uk

The podcast feed remains the same though, and should’ve automatically updated to see the new episodes on the new server.

Tally Ho!


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Welcome to the Rissington Podcast!

Messrs Oxton and Hicks, broadcasting from the ex-RAF base in Upper Rissington, UK.

Think of this as a geek version of Gardeners Question Time. We take your questions, be they concerning semantic HTML, CSS, cheese, cookery or whatever is on your minds. We are your expert panellists, agony aunts and general life-gurus. Email us your questions!

We will also have regular spots - jokes from an 1940's RAF magazine, typeface of the 'week', and any geek/technology thing we care to talk about.


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